How to Write First Class Essay at Cambridge University? 10 Pro Tips for Beginners

Essay at Cambridge University
Enrolled at Cambridge University? Wow, such a great experience you are going to have in your life by studying at the world’s top educational institute. However, this experience can turn into a nightmare when you have to write a first-class essay at Cambridge University. The reason is that being the top educational institute in the world, where world leaders study, it is not an easy task to write such an essay. To write a first-class essay, you have to equip yourself with some extraordinary writing and analysing skills. Knowing pro tips from the top researchers is also a plus, and today’s article is all about this plus. There will be a mention of the top 10 pro tips. So, let’s start with the question below.

What Is A First-Class Essay?

An essay is academic writing in which you describe or analyse an argument. However, a first-class essay is something different from an ordinary essay. It is such an essay which engages the reader by using appropriate technical terms, giving unassailable arguments, and bulletproof prices of evidence in the body paragraphs. The use of appropriate and advanced academic terminologies is also a must for writing an essay at Cambridge University. Hence, it is what a first-class essay is about.

Top 10 Pro Tips For Writing A First-Class Essay

Cambridge is home to one of the finest scholars in the world. The professors at this university are also one of the best in their fields. So, writing a first-class essay is a must for every student, even if the teacher has not specified such criteria. Hence, a brief description of the top 10 pro essay writing tips is as follows:

1. Understand The Essay Requirements

First things first, as a writer, you must pay attention to the requirements of the task. Whether an essay, assignment, or dissertation, knowing what the teacher is demanding from you is the first point thing to crack. Normally, every teacher sends students a document containing detailed essay writing guidelines. So, consider those guidelines such as deadline, required word count, and writing style. However, if you can’t understand the requirements, you can hire an essay writing service UK to write a perfect essay for you.

2. Comprehend The Essay Structure

The second best tip that I have learned over time in terms of essay writing is that you must comprehend the essay structure fully. Grasp the overall structure that you are going to adopt in your essay. It is helpful because when you know what structure you are going to write your essay on, writing it becomes very easy. As a normal practice, the first-class essay at Cambridge University follows the structure: introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.

3. Planning The Essay Is A Must

Working on Cambridge University’s essay without a plan? Very sad to hear that you do not have a plan in mind. Be mindful, dear student; it is Cambridge University’s essay, not a college essay. Do not start writing the essay until you have a solid plan in mind beforehand. In your plan, allot a specific time frame for each activity and follow it till the end.

4. Conduct A Thorough Research

Research is an important phase in any kind of writing. So is the case when writing a first-class essay at Cambridge University. Being a world-class university, it requires essays which are written after conducting thorough research on the subject. So, always use credible sources like scholarly articles published in top journals to find relevant information.

5. Answer The Question With Concrete Facts

In an essay, you generally explore a research topic and answer the questions related to that topic. However, just answering the question by giving your opinion is not the way to go. You have to be objective in your essay writing if you are aiming to write a first-class essay. So, add some concrete facts and figures in support of your argument. Give bulletproof pieces of evidence reading that no one denies your take on the subject.

6. Take Care Of The Tone

The tone of the essay normally depends on the topic of your essay. You can be formal or semi-formal in describing your take on the subject matter. However, when working on an essay at Cambridge University, do not go for a semi-formal tone and nonacademic vocabulary. Always try to be formal in your tone and use purely academic vocabulary.

7. Give Examples Where Possible

Giving examples from the real-world scenarios strengthens your argument in the essay further. So, do not only settle for only facts and figures. Examples are also a way of describing the issue in an effective manner. Additionally, giving proper examples reduces the chances of readers’ rejection of your take on the subject matter. Also, they give more information to the reader about the validity of the issue in the real world.

8. Do Not Use Contractions

Contractions are a unique type of word that combines two or more words in a shortened form. Usually, an apostrophe is what writers use to form these words. For example, a shortened word “you’re” is used for “you are.” It is not a good practice to use such words when writing a first-class essay because many professors do not count them as academic. Therefore, avoid using contractions in your essay.

9. Revise The Whole Essay Before Submission

It is not possible that a first draft is a final draft. There will always be many mistakes in your first draft that needs to be corrected. Not proofreading the document can harm your grades very badly because, upon identification of mistakes, teachers cut marks. Therefore, do not forget to revise the whole essay before submitting it to the university.

10. Sum Up The Ideas In The Final Paragraph

The final paragraph is the conclusion paragraph, where you should sum up all your ideas and arguments. Give the final verdict of your take on the subject matter in this paragraph. Also, do not forget to mention the top pieces of evidence discussed in the essay. They are going to be your main companions in establishing the point correctly.


Conclusively, writing a first-class essay at Cambridge University is not an easy task. It takes a lot of essay writing skills and knowledge of pro tips to write such an essay. I have explained the top 10 pro tips above that can help craft a compelling essay. So, do not forget to read the requirements of the essay and proofread it.

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